City of Scottsville Kentucky
Easty main 1880

“As the seat of county government, Scottsville is and has always been, the commercial and government center of the county.  The original town plat, dated 1816, clearly emphasized the dual nature of Scottsville as a center of both government and commerce. The courthouse was prominently positioned, interrupting the flow of traffic as it sat in a position of importance in the center of the turnpike leading from Louisville to Nashville. Around it the Public Square, a concentration of retail and service establishments, encircling and supporting the seat of government.”

“A few of the events which influenced Scottsville include: the formation of Allen County in 1815; the decision to locate the county seat near an abundantly flowing spring; the design employed in laying out the lots and public spaces in the new town of Scottville (original name until the mid 1800’s); the establishment of small industries well before the turn of the century; the advent of turn-of-the-century technology, including the telephone, electricity, automobile, and moving pictures; Scottsville’s first newspaper, the oil boom in the early 20th century, the Dixie Highway, the establishment of new industries in the 1920s; and expansion of the commercial district in the 1930s and 40s.   These positive influences on the growth of Scottsville were countered by; a number of fires, which destroyed portions of the commercial district (and the old court house), the end of railroad service and factory closings.” These and other events can be found in the Survey Report for the Scottsville Downtown Commercial Historic District (Copies available from the City Clerk) and The Beginning. . . A Pictorial History of Allen County, Kentucky, (published by: The Allen County Historical Society).

Map of Cemeteries in Allen County.